Country: Lebanon
Birth: Born in:1951, Beirut, Lebanon

2009 Cultural Center - Tripoli, Lebanon
2007 Al Quarine Festival, Kuwait
2007 Mtain, Mount Lebanon
2006 Discovery Planet Hall, Beirut
2004 Russian Cultural Center, Beirut
2003 Rafael Hall, Academy of Arts, St Petersburg, Russia
2003 Rochane Gallery, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
2002 Graffiti Gallery, Chtaura, Lebanon
2002 Arab Foundation of Culture and Arts, Beirut
1990 Soviet Cultural Center, Beirut
1990 Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences, Lebanese University, Zahle, Lebanon
1990 Palmira Hotel, Baalbeck, Lebanon
1986 Academy of Arts, Leningrad, USSR
Also, partcipated in many collective expositions in Lebanon and overseas.


2007 Member of the Scientific Committee of the Doctoral Institute at the Lebanese University.
2003 Board Member of the Figurative Artists Syndicate.
2002 President of the Board of the Libano-Russian House
2000 Member of the consulting committee of the Minister of Culture.
1999 Member of the Scientific Committee of the Faculty of Arts, Lebanese University, Beirut.
1998 Counselor to the Lebanese Academy of Arts (ALBA) Balamand University, Beirut, Lebanon.
1996 Board Member of the Arab Foundation of Culture and Arts, Beirut.
1994 Board Member of the Association of Lebanese Artists for Painting and Sculpture.
1993 Director of the Faculty of Arts, Lebanese University, Beirut.


The works appear in the collections of “The Hermitage”, Museum of the Scientific Research in Russia, Museum of Modern Art in Kuwait and in the collections of many public and private establishments in Lebanon, Russia, France, Canada, USA, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Hungary, Bahrain, Kuwait, Morocco and at the Library of the President of the Russian Federal Union - the Kremlin, Moscow.