Name: Mostafa Issa ahmed
Country: Egypt

Group exhibitions:
Participants in more than 100 collective exhibition in Egypt and abroad
Individual exhibitions:
Submitted 14 individual exhibition in Alexandria, Cairo and El Bhira, including the course of «the body protrusions « Atelier of Cairo, «the aesthetics of the dream» at the Museum of Fine Arts in Alexandria, and the exhibition «The object of passing» at the AL-Gezira center the arts.


Work for the Ministry of Culture - Central Administration –Alexandria.
Association member artists. And a member of the Atelier of Artists and Writers in Alexandria and Cairo.Books published:
Published the book «Dream in Contemporary Photography,» in a series of «Prospects for plastic art,» the Ministry of Culture, Cairo.
Scientific functions:
Mnafestu axis seminar and the development of the International Forum held in parallel with the visual arts in the Doha Cultural Festival III, IV and VI, VII and VIII, and extraordinary sessions.
Scientific conferences:
More than 20 research participated in the scientific conferences in Egypt, Doha, Sharjah and Yemen, including two studies of arbitrators, as most of the research published in specialized books.


Awards and certificates of gratitude:
Received numerous awards and certificates of gratitude including the Grand Pris at the Port Said National Biennale, medal of public participation in the exhibition, and first prize in each of panting in the fall of small pieces, and panting competition in the future of Egypt.


Private Collections: Egypt / Germany / Saudi Arabia / Spain / Qatar / Iran / Sudan.
General Collections: the Museum of Modern Art in Cairo - Museum of Modern Art in menya / Mashrabiya Foundation for the development of the art of our country / the Ministry of Culture / Supreme Council of Culture / Ministry of Defense of the moral, Egypt / Qatar Museum for Contemporary Arab Art / group, Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim All-Thani.