Name: Prof. Akela Ryad
Country: Egypt

Many collective exhibitions in Cairo and Alexandria.
Exhibition in Cairo Atelier – Mohamad Nagi hall 2002.
Permanent exhibition in a gallery situated in Texas, U.S.A.
Exhibition in Al-Sawy cultural center, Al-Kalema hall 2007.
Collective exhibition in fine Arts hall 2008.
Exhibition - Museum of contemporan arts 2008.
Spring Exhibition – Al-Sawy Cultural center2008.
Collectibles exhibitions – ministry of culture – Fine Arts’ museum of Alexandria 2008.
The second portrait’s exhibition – portrait hall 2008.


Working since her graduation in graphic design and printing.
Adviser for many communication’s and advertising companies.
Assignment from ministry of culture to do arts work since 2002 till now
Member of the syndicate of painting artists in Cairo.
Member of Cairo Atelier.


Personal collectibles in: Bahrain, U.S.A, Geneva, Cairo, Alexandria and Dubai.