Name: Anne Vignal
Country: France
Birth: Born in May 02, 1964, Paris

Individual Exhibitions:
1986 Muscade gallery, Paris
1991 Hotel Dieu church, Dreux.
1992 Espace keller gallery, Paris
1994 Cultural center “ Le Grutli”, Geneva.
1995 Noesis foundation. Barcelona.
1997 Haut-Pave gallery, Paris.
1998 Blom gallery, Dordrecht, Holland.
2000 Oriente foundation, Macau, China.
2001 Enviedart gallery, Paris.
2002 Blom gallery, Dordrecht, Holland.
2003 Kwai Fung Hin Art gallery, Hong Kong.
Head office of AXA IM company, La Defense, Paris.
2004 Blom gallery, Dordrecht, Holland.
Kwai Fung Hin Art gallery, Hong Kong.
2006 Esma gallery, Algeria.
Le Carmel, Art’s center, Tarbes, France.
2007 Blom gallery, Dordrecht, Holland.
2008 Kwai Fung Hin Art gallery, Hong Kong.Collective Exhibitions:
1983 Salon of youth painting Salon, Grand Palais, Paris.
1989 Chateau of Tremblay sur Mauldre.
1991 Salon of Vitry.
1992 Grassion gallery, Paris.
Open doors, Atelier Artsenal, Issy les Moulineaux.
1993 Helios gallery, Honfleur.
Korean cultural center, Paris
Contemporan Salon, Grand Palais, Paris.
1994 “One way trip to Taka Lale”, Issy les Moulineaux, Paris.
1995 “Artsenal Paris” gallery, Paris.
1996 “ Artsenal’s artists’. Boulle Space, Issy les Moulineaux.
1997 Inter Art Center gallery, Seoul, Korea.
Berthet Aittouares, Paris.
1998 R.A.I, international fair, Blom gallery, Amsterdam.
Berthet Aittouares, Paris.
Blom gallery, Dordrescht.
Lian Roussillon gallery, Carac.
Alternative Art Space gallery, Seoul, Korea.
1999 Daniel and Florence Guerlain Foundation.
Issy les Moulineaux Biennial.
2001 Gana gallery, Paris.
2002 “ Art and Hope”, Necker Hospital.
Head office of Wavecom Company, Issy les Moulineaux.
2003 International Art Fair, polytechnic university of Hong kong.
2005 “Artists of Artesnal”, Hoam gallery (Samsung Art Hall), Seoul, Korea.
2006 “ Contemporan Artists”, Polytechnic School for girls, Sceaux.
2007 Europ’Art, Geneva, Tristan gallery.
Star’t, Strasbourg’s fair, Tristan gallery.
“10 saisons” Haut Pave gallery, Paris.
2008 ArtZ gallery, Paris.


Works in Issy les Moulinaux, Atelier des Arches.Artistic Achievements :
1989 Realization of a fresco for the textile industry school, Segou, Mali.
1990 Décor designer for the show “letters for a brother”.
1990 Avignon’s Festival, Poster of the show “Richard III”.
1994 Conception of the event “An imaginary country: Taka Lale”, collaboration with the Mexican Cultural Center, UNESCO and Issy’s town council.
2001 winner of the competition “land Art Kerlann”.
2002 Editing of two lithography, Kwai Fung Art Gallery, Hong Kong.
2004 Editing of two Greeting Cards for Art Litho.
2005 Editing of a greeting Card for “company 1818”
2007 Editing of a label for Viaud Lalande Pommerol Domain.Publications:
1995 “What you see coming”, text written by Didier Cost Barcelona.
“Artsenal, Artist’s Atelier”, text written by Raymond Perrot.
1999 “Artists’ Lndscapes”, text written by Carole Boulbes, Daniel and Florence Guerlain Foundation.
2000 “Winners of Colas Foundation”, Colas Foundation, Boulogne.
“Yang Din Anne Vignal” Preface written by Augusto Pulido Monjardino, Oriente Foundation. Macau, China.
“Color before anything else”, text written by Philippe Piguet, Oriente Foundation. Macau, China.
2003 “Anne Vignal”, Kwai Fun Hin gallery, text written by Emmanuel Dayde Catherine Kwai.
2004 “Conversation whit Anne Vignal” by Vanessa Wong.
Monographic Catalogue, Kwai Fun Hin gallery.
2005 Symposium at Hoam Galery, preface written by Francoise Monin.
2006 “Solar Energies”, Monographic Catalogue, French cultural center, Esma Gallery, Algiers. “If the door opens”, text written by Aldo Herlaut. “Anne vignal, colors of time”, text written by Nadira laggoune-Aklouche. “Different pictures from the East, by Anne Vignal”, text written by Frederic Worms.
2007 “10 seasons”, Haut Pave gallery, preface written by Olivier de lavallade.
2008 “the Found Body”, text written by Marc Crepon. “Ingresque”, text written by Emmanuel Dayde, preface written by Vanessa Wong. Monographic Catalogue, Kwai Fung Hin gallery, Hong kong.
Press (selection):
Art Absolument: “ Anne’s Vignal discovery, Solar Energy”, December 2006.
L’Expression: “with Easter’s Colors”, Jun 2006
Info Soir: “with Easter’s Colors”, Yacine Idjer, Algiers, May 2006.
La dépêche du midi : “Art childhood”, November 2006.
La Republique des Pyrennees: “ Rich with Colors”, November 2006.
Art-nl: “Anne Vignal, Holland”, September 2000.
L’oeil: “A Kleidoscop of Pictures” April 1999.
Architecture a Vivre: “Under the Issy’s Vaults” December 2003.
L’express: “The Takalale Adventure” October 1994.
Ciel et Espace: “ Eiffel, You can go” September 1994.
Artension: “ Anne Vignal” text written by Alain Jean 1991.
La republique du Centre: “ Anne Vingnal at the old church, resonance of colors” 1991.
Echo Republicain: “Anne’s Vignal Exhibition: 2300 visitors since March 30” April 1991.


Tarbes City.
Daniel and Florence Guerlain Foundation.
Colas Foundation.
Viaud Libourne Domain.