Name: Dr: Ahmed Abdul Kareem
Country: Egypt
Birth: Born on 13-8-1954 in Cairo.

Private Exhibitions :
1983 Emotional architectures in Cairo atelier.
1987 White triangle in the circular gallery in syndicate of fine artists, cairo.
1989 Black ink on white paper, akhnaton gallery at Zamalek arts complex in cairo.
1989 Balck ink on white paper (1) at shanty gallery in Alexandria.
1991 Ambulant exhibition at people cultural gallery in suhag govern Tate.
1991 Akhnaton gallery in cairo.
1992 Textural dialogue and wrinkled paper “A” in cairo atelier.
1992 Textural dialogue and wrinkled paper “B” in Alexandria atelier.
1993 Akhnaton gallery in cairo.
1994 Extra gallery in cairo.
1994 Cultural center gallery in paris, san Michelle, France.
1995 Atelier gallery in cairo.
1996 Boats of paper in jedda atelier gallery for fine arts in saudi arabia kingdom.
1997 Boats of paper in Zamalek extra gallery in cairo.
1998 Alienation: Boats of paper, cairo atelier gallery
1999 Moon boats (1) Egyptian cultural centre in Vienna, Austria.
2000 Moon boats (2) Picasso gallery in cairo.
2001 Transformation in akhnaton gallery in Cairo work of art constructed in space
2001 Variance of ages in Cairo Atelier gallery work of art constructed in space
2002 Moon Boats in Picasso gallery, zamalek, Cairo
2002 Dahshour, Te in Egyptian academy gallery for fine arts in Rome, Italy group exhibitions :
1980-1983: Exhibition of fine arts competitions for superior council for youth and sport.
1977-1981: Festival of Helwan university for fine arts.
1981-1984: Avan Guardes exhibition for fine arts lovers society
1982 Helwan university youth exhibition for fine arts in Al Areesh
1983-1984: Atelier salon exhibition in Cairo
1984 Exhibition for Al Nile competition
1982 Atelier salon exhibition, the one painting
1983-1984: Exhibition of faculty of education for specific studies staff at El Salam gallery
1985 Exhibition inspired from Egyptian Environment
1984- 1997 General National exhibition for fine arts
1985 Spring exhibition for national society for fine arts
1988-1991: Exhibition of national society for fine arts
1988 Exhibition of people cultural salon in 5th of october city
1988 Exhibition for developing Egyptian Hollandaise Relationships in Amsterdam
1988 Exhibition of modern photographer youth in Madrid
1988 The first exhibition of Garden And Square In April And May At The Garden Of The National Theatre In Cairo
1989 The first exhibition of youth salon in Al Nile Gallery in Cairo
1989 Exhibition in Alkan Gallery at Al Salam Hyat Hotel in Cairo
1991 Ambulant exhibition at people cultural gallery in shag governorate
1991 Screem exhibition for Kuwaiti people at Al Nile Gallery in Cairo
1992 Ambulant exhibition at people cultural gallery in suhag governorate
1992 International Annual exhibition for tiny drawings in Toronto, Canda
1992 Exhibition of syndicate of fine artists for monetary assistance of victims of the earthquake of 12 october 1992
1992 Exhibition of giving for eradicating the effects of the earthquake at El Zamalek arts complex. It is held with cooperation of the national center for fine arts and the Egyptian national Bank
1993 National exhibition of fine arts in akhnaton gallery
1994 Odeega exhibition for tiny carving in spain
1995 Exhibition of impartial countries in jakarta, indonesia
1996 The general national exhibition in Akhnaton, Cairo
1996 Spring salon exhibition in the French Embassy in raid Saudi Arabia Kingdom
1996 The sixth international Cairo Biennial in the Modern art museum, Cairo
1997 Exhibition “Coloured” for Saudi Airlines in jedda
1998 Autumm salon exhibition in zamaled arts complex, cairo
1999-2001 The autumm salon, Akhnaton gallery in Cairo
1999 The Autumn salon, Akhnaton Gallery In Cairo
2000 Exhibition for supporting Palestinian uprising gaza, Ramalla, Palestine
2001 The modern Egyptian art in Portugal
2001 The modern egyptian art in Madrid, Spain
2002 Arab Artists exhibition at meridian hotel, Jedda, Saudi Arabian Kingdom


Member in fine artists syndicate, ciaro.
Member in artists and authors cairo atelier group.
Member in teachers syndicate, cairo.
Member in ansia group, UNESCO, paris (education through art).
Member in art education faculties association (Drawing group).
Member in Boards of national society of fine arts. Editor of books chain: fine art horizons, Egyptian ministry of culture.
Member of arbitration committee of youth salon, Egyptian ministry of culture in 1998.
Supervisor of cultural symposiums parallel to youth salon, Egyptian ministry of cultural in 1999.
Member of international arbitration committee fecund first biennial in Ozpekstan in 2001 Prizes: -Academic teaching :
He has been teaching many courses in graduate and undergraduate studies during his academic work as follows :
Metal works in the faculty of education for specific studies at Al Abasia.
Metal works at the faculty of teachers in Albaha, saudia Arabia Kingdom, for the three years.
Published researches :
Various formulations of plastic item as a source for decoration design, aknaton gallery in El Zamalek arts complex (4A) in April 1991.
Using symbol as a form and background in decoration design, the grand gallery in the Alexandria Atelier in october 1992.
The role of textural structure in decoration design. El Zamaled arts complex, Akhnaton Gallery (3) in April 1993.
Analytical Approach to define decorative painting, faculty of art scientific journal, El mania university, 12th volume, January, 1994.
The role of heritage as an approach experimental in decorative designs, Gallery of Egyptian cultural center in Paris, San Michelle, on february 1994.
Effects of technical approaches on realizing estimating motion in decorative designs, jedda atelier for fine arts in 4- 2- 1996.
The role of the prepared drawings in the construction of decorative design, Cairo atelier for artists and writers in 18- 1- 1998.
The role of internationality and spontaneity in designing decorative paintings, the journal of Educational and social studies 10- 10- 1998.
The Relationship of religion content with design formulations of symbols on murals of the third Tohutmus grave, the journal of educational and social studies, 2- 3- 1999.
Usage of variance values to achieve the balance among plastic items in decorative designs, Alexandria Atelier for artists and writers, 5- 4 – 1994.
Research in Press :
Modernism in Islamic art.
Privacy of art and artist in Modern age.
Issue of effect and affect for young artists.
Previous works of art of the artist Dr. Ahmed Abdul Kareem.
Beautification of the American Egyptian Bank (Main Branch) with paintings.
Beautification of Raga Hotel in Dokki with paintings.
Beautification of Medical Egyptian Renaissance society in Giza with a painting.
Beautification of conferences center in nasr city with a painting.
Beautification of the rest house of engineer “Ali Eissa” owner of great companies for exporting Egyptian orange.
Beautification of the office of the great architect prof. Dr. Farouk El Gohary.
Beautification of the Architect Ashraf Farag office with paintings.
Beautification of the Architect Aza Fara office with paintings.
Beautification of Cairo modern art museum with more than 20 paintings.
Beautification of Saudi Arabia Ailies at interational jedda Airport with paintings.
Beautification of the Authority of airport projects in Jedda, Saudi Arabia Kingdom, with fOther activities :
workshop about art works constructed in space, gallery of arts palace , salon of youth in 1999.
Workshop with children of Marsa Matrouh governorate, Siwa oasis, about supporting palestinian children, (uprising) with the artists Mohamed Abla, Abdl Wahab Abdul Mohsen and Salah El Meligy.
Workshop with Rafah city’s children about the war of 6th october with the artist Abdul Wahab Abdul Mohsen, 2001.
Critical reading of art works of Omar Hamdy (Malva), El Roushan gallery in Jedda in april 2002.


1978 Encouragement prize for designing stamp of food sufficiency.
1979 First prize in decoration at 15 may exhibition, supreme council for youth and sport.
1980 First prize of youth exhibition for fine arts in design and publicity.
1981 First prize of youth exhibition for fine arts in design and publicity.
1982 First prize of military scientific research day in fine arts during military service.
1983 First prize in painting at avant – grade exhibition, society of fine arts lovers.
1984 First prize in painting at avant – grade exhibition, society of fine arts lovers.
1987 Speical appreciation certificate for art work done by various materials, society of fine arts lovers.
1988 Prize in painting of modern photographers youth exhibition, faculty of fine arts, El Menia University, El – Menia.
1989 Appreciation prize from arbitration committee in painting, first youth salon.
1990 Golden prize from Saudi airlines competition in Jedda.


Private Collections :
The following names have collections of the artist :
Dr. Youssf Al Raheb, Dr. Abla Hanafy, Dr. Sherif Khattab, Italian Consul in Alexandria, Ambassodor of frame in Cairo.
Madam Mubardy owner of Ezalo company, the great architect gamal Bakry, Prof, artist mena sarophim extra Gallery, Saudi Great artist Mounira masla