Name: Eirini Gonou
Country: Greece

Personal Exhibitions:
2013: The sheltering word, The Heyman Center for the Humanities, Columbia University, New York.
2012: A Tale of Two Cultures, Lahd Gallery, London.
2011: Tholiai te kai apoptygmata, Atrion Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece.
2010: Arcadia in situ, Arcadian Museum of Art and History, Levidi, Greece.
2008: Al-Khatt, the magic script, i) Museum of Islamic Arts of Athens ii) Alatza Imaret, Thessaloniki.
2007: Diosimeia, Fine Arts Kapopoulos Gallery, Myconos, Greece.
Principal Group Exhibitions:
2013: C.Cavafy, Zografisma, V.&M. Theoharakis Arts Foundation, Athens .
2012: Summer Olympics Art Exhibition, Lahd gallery, London.
2010: Erysihthon, Cultural Center of Elefsis, Greece.
2009: Shield and Symbol, from the ancient veil to the hijab, Athinais art space, Athens.
2008:Galerie Triskel, Château du Puget, France.



Musée Ernest Renan, Bretagne, France.
Museum of Contemporary Art of Florina, Greece.
Benaki Museum of Islamic Art.
The National Bank of Greece Historical Archive.
Anthropological Museum of Ptolemais, Greece.
Pinakothiki Grigoraki-Museum of Engravings, Athens, Greece.
Arcadic Museum of Art and History, Greece.
Her art work is also included to Municipal Galleries, Private Museums and Foundations.
and to important private collections in Greece and abroad.