Name: Abdul Karim Al Wazzani
Country: Morocco


He is described as the " colors' poet " ,the Tetouani fine artist is considered one of the pioneers' generation who traveled with art creation more than 40 years, who successfully managed to blend reality with imagination .
‏1998 He took over the administration of the National Institute for Fine Arts in Tetuan as a successor to the late / Mohamed Alsarghene who is from the same art school.
He has embraced an entire generation of artists with great attention and exerted an educational and artistic great effort to educate those artists who left their fingerprints on the Moroccan fine art path.
He has attained diploma of fine arts when he was only 21 years old,
‏He believed always that art diplomacy is not less important than any other diplomatic ,or institutional, or parliamentary, or associational practices to serve Morocco ,and enhance its international presence ".
He has been awarded the the French and the Belgium governments merit with an order of the knight.
He was able through his long creative path to pair between painting and sculpture, as he is known by those who are aware of the Moroccan fine art , that he was the first to use the " Acrylic " technique in Morocco since 1975.
Although his his first exhibition goes back to 1978, and his first collective exhibition was in 1976, his opening to the public sphere and his participations in different exhibitions "is still relatively limited and rare " , that's what he personally confessed. He attributes that to his multiple concerns with educating the younger art generations.