Name: Howida Al Sebaey
Country: Egypt


Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1994.
Member of the stuff of faculty of fine arts Painting Department, Alexandria University.
Master of fine arts, 2001.
Philosophy of doctoral in fine arts, 2004.
Participate in the art movement from 1990s and so far as it participates in local and international exhibitions. Submitted works in photography, painting, video, performance and audio.
She got the first prize in the youth salon 1998 and Grand Prize at the Biennale of Alexandria, ' Mohammed Rushed ' Prize 2001.
She composed a book on ' ideological shift in modern art ' Printing House Merritt 2011. As the author of a book about ' post-modern art in Egypt and the world ' printed by General Egyptian book organization ' 2009. And a book was translated into English to Arabic for ' French artist Marcel du Champs ' printed by the Higher Council for culture within the national project for translation-Ministry of culture 2002
It also oversaw the upcoming events including Executive Manager of Symposium Matruh to carve granite 2007.
General supervisor of the workshop ' free experimentation with Visual Artists Guild annual Alexandria 2009, 2010 with the title photomontage┬Ł.
General supervisor of the project ' art pendants ' Mobile Project with Visual Artists Guild in Alexandria 2009.
General supervisor workshop Junk Sculpture ' syndicate in Alexandria.
Member of the Board of the Faculty Club, University of Alexandria and the Rapporteur of the Committee on development of buildings until 2013.