Name: Salah Anany
Country: Egypt

Solo Shows:
at the French Cultural Center- Cairo- 1979.
at Cairo Atelier- 1984\ 1992.
at Benqusia Gallery- Cyprus- 1984.
at Mashrabia Gallery- Cairo- 1985.
at the Egyptian Academy - Rome- 1985.
at the Arab World Institute- Paris- 1989.
at Al-Hanager Gallery- Cairo- 1993\ 1996.
at Duroub Gallery- 1997 (Cenimatics of Salah Enani) and others.
at Ekhnatoun Gallery 2- 2000.
Local Exhibitions:
participated in The Fine Art Movement in Egypt.
International exhibitions
participated in Netenberg Drawing Biennale- Germany- 1986. ¨ The Egyptian Cultural Week- Sharja- UAE- 2000.
Private Collection:
at art lovers in Egypt, Italy, Cyprus, Greece, France and Germany



Ministry of Culture.
The Egyptian Modern Art Museum.
Egypt Opera House.