Name: Shaker Edrees
Country: Egypt

Solo Shows:
Exhibition entitle ` Soul` in `Rateb Sedek` Gallery - Cairo Atelier , December 2007.
Local Exhibitions:
Exhibitions in Horus Gallery - Faculty of Art Education.
Annual competition of Gazabia Serry .
The Youth Artists Forum - Helwan University
In Geizira Youth Center 2001
15th Youth Salon 2003, 16th 2004 .
7th Salon of Mini Works of Art 2004.
Competition of Rateb Sedek prize - Cairo Atelier ,March 2005 .
1st Festival of Fine Creation ( General exhibition and 1st Fine art Fair 2007) .
2nd Festival of Fine Creation (31st General exhibition) 2008.
Encyclopedia of Youth artists , Part 3 , prepared by Critic/ Mohamed Hamza - Produced by Sector of Fine arts 2004.