Name: Sally El Zeiny
Country: Egypt

Group Exhibition “ Faculty of Fine Arts “ 1997-98.
Exhibitions & Competitions of the High Council of Youth and Sport 1997.
Group Exhibition for Excellent Graduated “ Etching of Graphic Works “ 1998.
El Guna Arts, 1999, An Egyptian Mirror Of Michael Graves, Miramar Sheraton, Hurghada.
Second Exhibitions& Competitions of the High Council of Youth and Sport 2000.
Exhibition& Competition of Designing Helwan™s Logo 2008.
Exhibition& Competition of Designing the International Audition Arabia™s Golden Jewelry 2008.
Exhibition Fine Arts Youth- 100 years of art in Egypt- 2009.
Salon of "El Saqya" for small pieces- Mars “ 2010.
The National Exhibition (No: 33) - 2010.
Group Exhibition “ Arts without limits - Faculty of Fine Arts “ November/ 2010.
Group Exhibition “ Professors of fine arts - January/ 2011.
"Today"- Small Works Exhibition- Mahmoud Mokhtar's Cultural Center- 2011.
Group Exhibition “ girl's city “ gallery Zoorkhana “ December/ 2011.



First prize in pamphlet design “ Plastic Arts Expo. “ High Council of Youth and Sport - 1997.
Prize in Poster Competition (2000- Year of Peace) “ Ministry of Culture “ El Gezeera Center of Arts.
Suzan Mubarak™s second prize in Child Literature in the field of writing& drawing for Child “ 2002.
First prize (Cleopatra) in The 4th Siwa painting Symposium - 2013