Name: Refky Fathy El Razaz
Country: Egypt

Private Exhibitions:
1983: Cairo Atelier.
1985-1987 Royal Cultural Center – Uman.
1993 - 1996 Arts Complex, Zamalek.
1997: Fine Arts Hall in the Egyptian Opera House.
2001: The Egyptian Center for International cultural cooperation for Diplomats.
2004 : Cairo Atelier.
2007: Gogan Hall, Zamalek.
Local Exhibitions:
1977 till now participating in public collective exhibitions.
1997:Bilateral Exhibition in Zagazig Culture Palace.
2001: Bilateral Exhibition in Cairo, Grant Hall.
2003: gallery quartet in Cairo, Grant Hall.
2006: Festival of Fine Creations directed to Child in Arts Palace- Egyptian Opera House.
2007: Collective Exhibition, Cairo, Gogan Hall.
2009: Collective Exhibition for Siwa workshop in the Egyptian Opera House.
1983-2009 Salon of Cairo Atellier.
2009: Gallery Jerusalem in Karma bn Hanei, Cairo
2010 Jerusalem Forum in the building of Arab lawyers union.
International Exhibitions:
2004: Contemporary Egyptian Museum in Athens, Olympic games .
2011: National workshop 40 countries ( India).



‏Various private establishments in Arab and Foreign countries.
‏Switzerland, Denmark, Belgium, Canada and the U.S.
‏Museum of modern Egyptian art – Egyptian Opera House – Arab Institut in Paris – Jordanian National Bank – Egyptian Ministry of foreign Affairs- Egyptian Ministry of culture – Jordanian Ministry of Culture – Unisco Organization – Scientific Establishment in Oman – Real Estate Arab Bank- Limited Arab Bank .