Name: Hoda El-Ogeile
Country: Tunisian


2010 /2011: professor at the High Institute for Fine Arts in Tunis
2010/2011 : Registered to acquire PHD certificate –Tunis
2010 : Master in Euro – Mediterranean in Ketanya – Italy
2004 : Professorship in Forming Arts – High Institute for Fine Arts Tunis
Cultural Grants : 2008/2009 a grant for artistic residence in International District for Arts in Paris
Cultural Tasks :
1- Saloon Commissioner for Qartaj workshops for forming arts 2007, association of Mediterranean Cultural Exhibition
2- A member in Biennale Organising Committee in Tunis 2008
National Participations :
2011 Participation in the Festival of Human Rights and world cultures – paris – France
2010 Exhibition, Hall of TEROUDE – Normandy District , France
2010 Contemporary African Exhibition Napoli – Casoria Contemporain art Museum
2009 Symposium for Formed Arts in Rully with the participation of " PAINT A FUTURE " association
Group Exhibition in Festival of Old port – Normandie –France
Group Exhibition FEM – FRACTA – Meca Gallery – Al-Andalus,Spain
Moroccan Forum for Art Market – Ennaba – Algeria
Personal Exhibition in National District for Arts – Paris – France
Exhibitions in Tunis
- Group Exhibition in the Hall of Fine Arts in participation with the Tunisian Red Crescent
- Annual Exhibition for the Union of Tunisian Forming Artists in Khair Edein palace in Tunisian Museum
- Exhibition of Spring saloon for Forming arts in El-Marsa
- Personal Exhibition in Yehia hall for arts in Tunis