Country: Austria
Birth: -Sonja Moser, born in Austria, is primarily a figurative painter working in a representative style.

2012 Solo Exhibit in Austria, Kirnberg, Galerie Penzenauer-Griessler.
2012 Group Exhibit in Cairo, Zamalek, The Gallery.
2012 Group Exhibit in Cairo, Caravan Festival of the Arts.
2012 Solo Exhibit in Cairo, Galerie Urban Nomads.
2011 Solo Exhibit in Cairo, Galerie Verlenden.
2010 Solo Exhibit in Cairo, Galerie Verlenden.
2009 Solo Exhibit in Austria, Teichfest, Reidling.
2008 Solo Exhibit in Austria, Hofstetten.
2006//2007 Group Exhibits in New York.
2005 Solo and Group Exhibits in New Orleans.


-She began to paint in New Orleans while completing her university studies in Jazz piano and moved to New York after the floods of Katrina, where she became involved in artist collectives, and gained an extensive collector base.
-Sonja's work is inspired by the spontaneous connections she forms with people within an expansive urban context.
-By tracing individual narratives, the human spirit is magnified and illuminated, unearthing that which resides beyond the surface.
-It becomes effortless to discern tremendous beauty in the peripheral, in the stranger pondering his existence, and even in observing a stray dog roaming about.
-Sonja is now residing in Cairo, where she is composing work that is strongly influenced by Egyptian culture.
-Her work can be viewed at