Name: Mahmoud Ashkanani
Country: Kuwait
Birth: Kuwait 1949

Kuwait Creative Art Festival 2007.
AL- Qurain Festival Culture “14” 2007.
AL-Qurain Festival Culture “13” 2006
Kuwaiti Culture week in JORDAN 2007.
10th International Cairo Biennale 2006 .
AlKhorafi AInternational Biennale for arab contemporary Art .
German – Arab Business Forum exhibition Berlin SEP 2006.
Highness Shaikh Sabah Al- Ahmed AL- Jaber Al-Sabah ) 2007 .
Kuwait Festival For Contemporary Arts (Prize Miniature Arts 2006.
25 February exhibition 16th 2006.
The Teacher exhibition 2006.
Kuwait summer exhibition 2006.
Alwan exhibition 2005.
Contemporary Kuwait Art 2004
Al – Qurain exhibitions. 1995-2003.


Member Kuwait Arts Association .
Member of the International Formative Art Paris.
Member of Oman Arts Association .
Member of UAE Arts Association .
Member of The International Dyslexia Association USA.
Member of World Crafts Council – Asia Pacific.


Eesa AL-Saqer 2007 .
Eesa AL-Saqer 2006 .
The Philanthropic art exhibition for Kosovo Muslims.
The 8th Liberation exhibition 1999.
Some KAA exhibition .Al- Safat Square Exhibition 1996 .
Friend of Art exhibition. France 1993 gronoble.
Vichy exhibition of art France 1992.
The 1st exhibition for teachers Association 1970.
Kuwait oil company exhibition. Al-Khafji exhibition .
Designed numerous designs for companies.
Prize -Gold medal –first teachers exhibition 1971.
Prize-martyrdoms 2005.
Prize-Al-Qurain festival 2006 .
A warded several certificates of appreciation from various exhibitions.


Drawings Acquired by:
The Amiri Diwan . council of Ministers
Bayan Palace. Dasman Palace.
Some Kuwaiti distinguished persons.
Museum of modern art.
National Council For Culture , Arts & Letters