Name: Badra Ahmed El-Baba
Country: Lebanon
Birth: Date & Place of birth: Dakrman, 1969

Several individual and collective exhibitions in Lebanon
2005, 23rd Alexandria Biennale for Mediterranean Countries
2005 Artist Dr. Rashed Diab Centre exhibition, Khartoum, tutoring graphic courses at the same center
2004, collective exhibitions in Paris, Italy, Jordan, Sharm el-Sheikh
2005, Participating and coordinating at small works festival, Roshan Gallery, Jeddah
2004, collective exhibition in Khartoum with Syrian artist Youssef Abdel-Hay, and artist Dr. Rashed Diab
2003, exhibition in Jordan, Orfally hall
2002, solo exhibition in Syria, Sacred Cross hall.
Participating in about 30 symposium in Lebanon
2008, Symposium in Tunisia
2008, First symposium in Aqaba, Jordan
2006 Symposium at Sharm El-Sheikh
2006 participating in painting the first mural in Sharm El-Sheikh. The theme is: peace.


Residence: Zohour Neighborhood, Sidon, Lebanon
Phone #: 009613308992