Name: khuloud sibai
Country: Syria
Birth: -Born in Aleppo, Syria.

Personal Shows:
2002 Damascus «gallery Naseer Shura».
2005 Damascus «gallery Naseer Shura».
2007 Aleppo «gallery Khanji».

Group Exhibitions:
2002 Damascus Conference Palace «Women in the eyes of the nation» under the auspices of the Syrian First Lady.
2003 Aleppo gallery «Khanji» «between the ancient and the modern».
2003 Damascus alsaed gallery continuing the occasion of Women's Month «March».
2004 «Aleppo kalemat gallery» «artists from Damascus».
2005 Paris Syrian Arab Cultural Center «five women from Syria».
2006 Damascus alsaed gallery Aleppo capital of Islamic Althakafah under the auspices of «kalemat gallery».
2006 Paris Syrian Arab Cultural Center Aleppo Capital of Islamic Culture.
2006 Paris Salon de Artest.
2006 Paris Verovlje.
2008 Damascus gallery the people Damascus capital of Arab culture.
2008 Stylish calendar with pictures of paintings by a group of artists sponsored by Ghazal Tours Travel .
2008 Forum artistic photography first world Latakia in Syria area.
2008 Damascus Meridian fourth forum for business women under the auspices of the Syrian First Lady.
2009 Damascus Art House Gallery and auction proceeds going to our loved ones in Gaza.
2009 Damascus the people gallery our loved ones in Gaza.
2009 Paris Unesco women month women artists from around the world.


-Degree in Fine Arts from the University of Damascus.
-She has taught art education in some schools in Saudi Arabia and in private lessons.
-Member of the Plastic Artists Union in Damascus.