Name: Hassan Bourqia
Country: Morocco

Key Personal Exhibitions:
2012 Art Palace, Genève (Switzerland)-African Regards, Attijariwafa Bank, Casablanca (Morocco).
2011 Villa Matisse, Marrakech, (Morocco).
2010 Venise Cadre Gallery, Casablanca (Morocco).
2003 Gallerie Bleue, Marrakech (Morocco).
2002 Public Library, Béni Mellal (Morocco).
2001 Al Manar Gallery, Casablanca (Morocco).
2000 Municipal Gallery, Payerne (Switzerland).
Wingy House Gallery, Solothurn (Switzerland).
Main group exhibitions
2012 CDG, Rabat (Morocco).
2011 Harrods, London (England).
Société Générale, Casablanca (Morocco)
Top Twenty five, International Fair, Casablanca (Morocco)
2007 Linéart Gallery, Tangier (Morocco)
2006 French-Moroccan Alliance, Rabat (Morocco)
National Theatre, Bucharest (Romania)
Saba Cultural and Artistic Centre, Tehran (Iran)
2003 ACTUA (BCM) Gallery, Casablanca (Morocco)
2002 Alexandria Biennale, Alexandria (Egypt)
Dar el Mrini, Rabat (Morocco)
2000 Bab Rouah Gallery, Rabat (Morocco)
Borj Bab Marrakech (Morocco)
Essaouira, 2nd Gnawa Festival (Morocco)
Private Collections:
Royal Palace (Morocco)
Museum of Modern Art / Moma
(New York)
Supreme Congress of Culture (Egypt)
Museum of Art, Marrakech (Morocco)
National Museum of Modern Art, Rabat (Morocco)
Ona, Casablanca (Morocco)
Société Générale, Casablanca (Morocco)
Emirates, Dubai (UAE)
Ministry of Finance, Rabat (Morocco)
Jordan, Amman (Jordan)
CNIA Insurance, Casablanca (Morocco)
EQDOM, Casablanca (Morocco)
Gras Savoye, Casablanca (Morocco)


, Hassan Bourkia studied in Beni-Mellal, Oujda, Fez and Rabat. From 1981 to 2006 he taught Arabic literature in the second cycle of high school. Since then, he devoted himself to painting, writing and translation. He currently lives and works between Beni Mellal and Casablanca.