Name: lorena Diana Garoiu
Country: Romania
Birth: Born on the 16 th of February 1983 in Resita, Romania

Personal exhibitions:
-“Art Boot” Project in Timisoara, Oradea and Cluj, Romania 2011.
-“Lorena and friends”, Papillon Café, Timisoara 2009.
-“Melange”, Agora Galleiy, Resita 2007.
-“Luca” Art Club Timisoara 2006.
-“People”, Museum of History Caransebes 2001.
-“17”, Cultural Gallery of Resita 2000.

Group exhibitions:
- Art Museum in Timisoara 2011.
-Theater Maska, Rzeszow, Poland 2010.
-Administrative Palace, Timisoara 2009, 2008.
-Europe Gallery Brasov, Romania 2009.
Fine Arts Gallery Hunedoara 2008.
Fine Arts Museum Timisoara 2008.


-Teacher of visual arts 2009 - present.
-Portrayal of event - Arts Workshop “Studio Niculescu” Ber|in,Germany 2010.
-Visual support at J.Maria Paz Gago’s Book Launch, Lybrarium, Timisoara 2009.
-Visual Arts Workshop at the Pecsi Gallery, Pecs, Hungary 2008.
-Member of the restauration team for the Art Museum in Targoviste, Romania 2008.


-The Prize of the Art Museum in Timisoara, 2008.
-First Prize in the National Olympics of Fine Arts in Romania, 2000.