Name: Ana maria Costas
Country: Argentina
Birth: -Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on January 13, 1959.

Participated in group exhibitions, cultural centers and art spaces, with some the following:
2006»Collective six» Lola Mora in the Hall of the Senate of the Nation.
2007 Painting Exhibition Gallery and New Experiences Braque.
2008 Exhibition of Paintings in the Municipality of Lanus.
2009 Exhibition of Paintings in the National Technological University of Avellaneda.
2010 Collective Exhibition of Fine Arts, Department of Culture, Education and Sports of the Municipality of Lanus.
-Gallery Nights. Palermo Viejo, Laura Lambre Study.
2012 Exhibition Gallery Mitra, City of Buenos Aires.
-Selected along with 161 contemporary artists from around the world by the art critic, artist and writer: Katerina N. pléstca Theofili, to include her works in the book «Art World» (Greece, 2012) .


-She studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts «Manuel Belgrano» and the National School of Fine Arts «Prilidiano Pueyrredon» as well as the Sculpture Workshop «Institute of Fine Arts in Avellaneda»