Name: Maria Isabel
Country: Cabo Verdiana


• Painter, sculptor, poetess and activist for the creation of a cultural bridge between Africa and Europe.
• she was born in Cabo Verde in 1962 between country and urban in Praia.
• she dreams with the music of the Cabo Verde and the immigration's clouds will take her with in Switzerland where she had lived for 17 years, then she made art schoolin Ivory Coast where she founds a family.
• Back in 1996, she is going to devote herself body and soul to accomplish a bridge in two very distinctive villages. In Porto Madeira (Santiago island), to make a deck of contemporary art, by creating artists residences and by rehabilitating this village, and so make sure that the village can live on country and environmental tourism trough art.
• She received the Wwsummit fundation prize in Switzerland for the recognition of creativity in rural environment, and took the artists away of this village at the exhibition of Contemporary Art in Spain.
• Misa also acquired the first prize of contemporary art in the international competition of Sanremo in Italy for her artistic job.
• In March, 2010, she edits the first free newspaper to write the oral world, and to allow so to make more dynamic and to reverse the instructive contents which is to write the official language and that they do not speak, and to live with the oral world which one writes not.