Maggy Atef


hold BA of Art Education Faculty, Helwan University. She is a student of MA of Sculpture Department. In addition, she is a member in Fine Artists Syndicate. She participated in many exhibitions likeThe Egyptian Woman Creations "Abdaat Elmaraa Elmasria" located in El-Hanager Hall, Opera in 2017 and Youth Salon 28, 29"Salon El-Shabab 28,29" located in Arts Palace, Opera in 2017, 2018. And "Atiaf 1" located in the round hall, Opera in 2017 and Pioneers "El-Talaa", round no. 58, located in Fine Arts Agency, Garden City, in which she gained the award of Fatma rafaat 2018. She participated in private exhibitions like "Ahna Btoa Elotobes", located in Saayet El-Sawy in 2016.