Samiha Mohamed Tohamy Mohamed


Exhibition at Horus Hall Faculty of Art Education 2010.

Exhibition atElsawyCulturewheel in Zamalek 2011.

Exhibition at the Gezira Arts Center in Zamalek, May 2013

Nile River Autumn Salon, First Session, at the Ministry of Financeclub 2014.

The Youth Salon 25thNovember, 2014.

Exhibition of the members of the faculty at the Gezira Arts Center 2015.

The Youth Salon,December 27th,2016. 

Exhibition of Pioneers, the 58th Session of the Association of Fine Arts Lovers, April 2018

October Festival of Peace,atthe Egyptian Opera House October 2018.

The Youth Salon 29thNovember 2018.

International group exhibitions

The International Exhibition of Post Art at Alexandria Atelier 2014.

3rdInternational Upper Egypt Salon, Faculty of Fine Arts, Luxor, 2015.

Biennale for small painting, Alexandria, February 2015.

4thInternational Upper Egypt Salon, Faculty of Fine Arts, Luxor, 2016.

Ostraca YouthInternationalBiennale,First Session, Al - Ahram Newspaper

5thInternational Upper Egypt Salon, Faculty of Fine Arts, Luxor, April 2017.

Luxor International Visual Arts Salon, March 2018.


Grand Award of the 3rdInternational Upper Egypt Salon, behalf of the British University 2015.

Award of the Pioneers Competition, 58thsession, April 2018, in the name of the artist Ayda Abdel-Karim.

Award for participation in the Luxor International Symposium, 2018.