Juan Alberto Gaviria Vélez- Republic of Colombia

B.A. in Fine Arts -magna cum laude (minor in Art History) from Framingham State College, Massachusetts. Postgraduate studies in Hermeneutics and Semiotics of Art , Universidad Nacional de Colombia, thesis with honours: “Towards Aesthetic necessary experiences”. 


Has been director of the Gallery of Contemporary Art Paul Bardwell of  the Centro Colombo Colombo Americano of Medellin, Colombia  since 1984. Member of the National Council of the Arts in 1994 - 5. Has represented Colombia in international panels in Houston, Brasil, Barcelona. Has giving lectures on Colombian Art and Contemporary art  issues in several cities of the U.S.A. (University of Georgia, Institute of Contemporary Art Philadelphia, University of Florida, 1998), also art academies and universities in Florence and in Rome.


Curator of several international exhibitions on Colombian art “Made in Medellin” 1989, travelling exhibition in the USA; “Medellin City of Extremes” Barcelona 2003  and “Laboratory Medellin” in 2006. Has written numerous articles for catalogues and newspapers on cultural issues.   


Has been juror for Regional Salons in Medellin, Cartagena, Bucaramanga and reviewer of Fotofest, Houston since 1992.

Co- founder of the program DESEARTEPAZ and REDESEARTEPAZ  a net of cultural centers in Latin America interested in using art to social transformation.


He is interested in reviewing work of artists and portfolios concerning social issues and with experience in directing social artistic laboratories. For information please see labs in